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Laura De Courcy

Student Teaching and Field Placement Coordinator

Ext. 5654

  • At Biola since:

    August 2015
  • Describe your job:

    I am responsible for coordinating Student Teacher Placements as well as Fieldwork Placements with local school districts.
  • What's one of your favorite Scriptures and why?:

    I am always encouraged by Psalm 139. I love that I serve a God that knows me and loves me unconditionally. I take comfort in knowing that all of my days are held in His hand and crafted into His perfect plan. God doesn't need me to be God but He can use me and that gets me excited. He is the artist and I am only the painting for Him to paint images of grace and glory upon. The gospel has no bounds and I am thankful to be hidden in Christ forever. What joy!
  • What always brings a smile to your face?:

    Anything that involves gathering family and friends together for a party. I love hosting brunches at my house and inviting everyone over to feast with me by the pool. Endless coffee included, of course!
  • What's one thing we generally wouldn't know about you?:

    That I traveled with an Irish band for a month. We went to seventeen states and lived on a Tour Bus. So if anyone knows what it's like to have a moving bed, it's me!
  • What is your favorite vacation destination and why?:

    I love to travel, and "little by little one travels far." But I would say my favorite place is visiting Great Britain and spending time with most of my family that lives over there. I love the culture, the people, the accents, the food and all the green pastures to explore and hike for days.
  • What is your favorite hobby and why?:

    You can either find me in the kitchen cooking or eating pie, on the beach running, or at a country concert with my friends.
Biola University
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