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Robbie Goforth

Recruiting & Community Relations Coordinator

Ext. 3006

  • At Biola since:

    2011 as a student, 2017 as a staff member
  • Describe your job:

    I have the privilege of communicating with potential students and our educators in the community, making them aware of what we are doing within the School of Education and how they can get involved.
  • What always brings a smile to your face?:

    Luxuriating in a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.
  • What's the first dessert you go for at Thanksgiving (or anytime)?:

    Eggnog. It’s like drinking a pie made of eggs.
  • What is your favorite vacation destination and why?:

    The Redwood National Park. The trees are breathtaking! I also like remembering how small I am.
  • What is your favorite hobby and why?:

    Watching the Denver Broncos win.
Biola University
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