SEED 512: Elementary Student Teaching I

Full-time laboratory experience in school classrooms under the direction of qualified supervising master teachers and university supervisors. University on-campus seminar required.

Prerequisite(s): LEDU 301 or SEED 519; LEDU 330 or SEED 526; LEDU 341 or SEED 541; LEDU 420 or SEED 520; LEDU 431 or SEED 543; LEDU 432 or SEED 544.
Notes(s): Special approval required. Must pass this course with a grade of “B-” or higher. CalTPA #4. Candidates doing student teaching are limited to a maximum of 15 credits that semester. Restricted to formal application and approval. Must register for SEED 513 if completing student teaching in one semester. Grade Mode: A.
Fee: $120.00
Credit(s): 6.