SEED 548: Collaborative Research

Master of Science students will be assigned to a research team in the first semester of their M.S. program. The Collaborative Research class will be ongoing throughout the program, but actual enrollment in the 1 credit class will occur in the last term of the M.S. program. This class will involve collaborative research with their professor(s) and peers. Monthly research Skype sessions throughout the program will focus on the following: getting acquainted with professors and peers and supporting shared research interests; library research and literature reviews; defining the scope of each research project; clarifying the research question(s); defining terms, hypotheses, research methodologies, and procedures; assigning roles; working with permissions and university protocols; examining, summarizing, and synthesizing data from one or more research projects; writing articles to report results; planning conference presentations to share results; and planning follow-up research projects.

Notes(s): Special approval required. Must pass this course with a grade of "B" or higher.
Credit(s): 1.