SEED 570: Introduction to Spiritual Formation for the Educator

This introductory study into the nature of spiritual formation attempts to understand the nature of our new life in Christ, the process of formation in the Spirit and the directives for cooperating with His work.¬†Attention is given to implications of spiritual formation for the life of the educator and classroom experience. Practical exercise in prayer, soul projects, and various spiritual disciplines are included as well as a personal all-day retreat addressing one’s calling as an educator in Christ.¬†Particular attention is given to how our life in Christ can deal with personal issues of guilt, shame and legalism and how to cooperate with the Spirit in transforming the heart in light of the dynamics of original sin, our early relational development, and the habits of sin developed over time that affect the classroom.

Notes(s): A minimum grade of “B” required for Master’s degree (a grade of “B-” is not sufficient). Grade Mode: A.
Credit(s): 3.