Multiple Subject Preliminary Credential

The California SB2042 Multiple Subject Teaching Credential authorizes educators to teach all subjects in a self-contained classroom. Individuals with this credential are usually offered employment in an elementary classroom setting.

Biola's multiple subject Teacher Preparation Program at the graduate level is a non-degree program unless pursued simultaneously with the M.A. in Teaching program.  View program sheet (PDF). 

The main elements are as follows:

Teacher Preparation and Pedagogy Coursework

SEED 519: Foundations of Education (2)
SEED 526: Psychological Foundations of Education (3)
SEED 541: Methods of Teaching Linguistically Diverse Students (3)
SEED 507: Art Workshop for Elementary School Teaching (1)
SEED 508: Music Workshop for Elementary School Teaching (1)
SEED 509: Elementary Math / Science Workshop (2)
SEED 516: Elementary PE Workshop (1)
SEED 536: Elementary Health Curriculum and Methods (1)
SEED 537: Elementary History - Social Science Curriculum and Methods (1)
SEED 549: Studies in Children's Literature (1)
SEED 520: Elementary Reading / Language Arts (3)
SEED 538: Elementary Curriculum, Differentiation and Assesment (3)
SEED 512/513: Elementary Student Teaching I/II (6, 6)

All teacher preparation and pedagogy coursework must be completed with a grade of "B-" or higher. Overall, a 3.0 GPA must be maintained in the teacher preparation course sequence.

Fieldwork Experiences

Students are required to fulfill fieldwork hours throughout their program. Listed below are the courses that require fieldwork hours. Biola will arrange the placements for the students with partnering districts.

SEED 519: Foundations of Education (2 units, 35 or 10 fieldwork hours required) Students will observe and participate in an elementary classroom for 25 hours. Full-time teachers will be required only 10 hours of fieldwork due to classroom responsibilities. Students will observe and report on the relationship between state and academic content standards and instruction. Students will also observe and report on the relationship between student learning, assessment and classroom management strategies.

SEED 520: Elementary Reading/Language Arts (3 units) – 35 or 10 fieldwork hours required: Students will observe and participate in a primary grade classroom for 35 hours. Full-time teachers will be required only 10 hours of fieldwork due to classroom responsibilities. They will teach two reading lessons, implement four reading assessments and create a student reading profile.

SEED 541: Methods of Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners (3 units, 10 fieldwork hours required) Students will observe and participate in a classroom with English language learners for 10 hours. They will observe and shadow an English learner and create a student profile focusing on the English learner's strengths.

SEED 538: Elementary Curriculum, Differentiation, and Assessment (3 units) The course emphasis is curriculum and instruction through the planning and teaching of a variety of developmentally and ability-appropriate instructional strategies for all learners, including Universal Design of Learning and Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTTS), differentiation, and assessment. Notes: Candidates will complete 60-hours of fieldwork. Candidates will design and teach several classroom lessons in local elementary schools. Those teaching full-time may have fieldwork hours reduced to 15 (based on director approval).

Note: Most graduate students work full time and, through permission from their employers, utilize personal or vacation time to arrange for their fieldwork hours in the schools.

Student Teaching

Student Teaching is the final course in Biola's Teacher Preparation Program. Students earning a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential will have two full-time, eight-week placements in WASC-accredited schools — one in a lower grade and the other in an upper grade.  Biola University supervisors mentor Student Teachers by making regular site visitations and giving weekly seminars.  To view a list of the schools and districts we partner with, click here.

Students have the opportunity to student teach overseas in a variety of countries in accredited K-12 international and private schools. An overseas assignment can count as one of the two Student Teaching placements. The other must be completed at a California public school.  Interested teacher candidates can visit the Overseas Student Teaching page for more information.

Teaching Performance Assessments (TPAs)

California law requires potential teachers to complete a Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA) as one of the steps to earning a teaching credential. This assessment — made up of four individual tasks — is designed to measure how well a candidate meets the state's Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs), which define what teachers should know and be able to do. Details regarding the TPA and TPEs are available from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Biola University includes the TPA tasks within its Teacher Preparation Program coursework. Passage of all TPA tasks are required in order to receive formal recommendation from the University for the Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.

Please contact our TPA Coordinator, Dr. Christie Curtis and Dr. Lorelei Coddington, with any further questions.

Additional Requirements and Exams

Required Prior to Acceptance to Teacher Preparation Program

  • Certificate of Clearance
  • Met Basic Skills Requirement or Attempt of CBEST
  • Documentation of tuberculosis (TB) test clearance administered within 3 months prior to start of program (find a local health clinic offering TB services here)

Required Prior to Student Teaching

  • Met Basic Skills Requirement
  • Subject Matter Preparation (CSET Examination)
  • U.S. Constitution (approved coursework or exam)

Additional Requirements for Credential Application

  • CPR certification (infant, child and adult). Must meet American Heart Association or American Red Cross guidelines. No online courses accepted.
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