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  • Units: 36
  • Cost Per Unit: $592
  • Typical Program Duration: 12–18 months

Special Education Credential

Serving with Compassion and Excellence

Teaching requires dedication and grit. It's a delicate balance of care and competency as one serves students in the classroom. Teaching those with special needs requires even further nurturing, providing for the needs of those in our state's special education programs. Our online, state-certified Special Education Credential (Mild / Moderate) program meets these challenges through helping educators:

  • Conduct educational assessments regarding students’ access to the academic core curriculum as well as their progress towards meeting instructional academic goals;
  • Provide instruction and special education support to individuals who have a primary disability of specific learning disabilities, mild/moderate mental retardation, other health impairment, and/or emotional disturbance;
  • Serve this population in kindergarten, grades 1-12 through age 22, and classes organized primarily for adults in services across the continuum of program options available.

Individuals with this credential are usually offered employment in an elementary classroom setting.  Biola's Special Education Credential (Mild / Moderate) at the graduate level is a non-degree program unless pursued simultaneously with the M.A. in Teaching program.  View program sheet (PDF). 

The Biola Difference

Our Special Education Credential (Mild / Moderate) is fully online and can be completed in a minimum of four semesters.  Candidates may begin their program in either the fall or spring semester.

We provide challenging field experiences to help connect theoretical instruction to classroom application. Our expert faculty offer quality instruction from a Christian worldview and are committed to serve you -- both academically and spiritually.  The need for well-prepared and knowledgeable Special Education teachers in California is great.  Our credential program can equip you to succeed.

The main elements of the program include the following:

Prerequisite Coursework

Choose one of the following four options to meet your prerequisite coursework:

Option #1: Credential Holder
If you already hold a multiple subject or single subject credential, all prerequisite coursework to our online Special Education Credential (Mild / Moderate) is waived.
Option #2: Online Accelerated Graduate Prerequisite/Corequisite Coursework*
If you do not hold a credential, you may take two graduate online courses (or the equivalent) to meet the prerequisites:
SEED 518: Designing Successful Classrooms: Starting Right
SEED 530: Reading Processes and Approaches
*Those taking the accelerated online pre-requisite/co-requisite courses may concurrently take other special education coursework, such as SEED 561, 562, 563, 564, and/or 580 as their schedule allows.
Option #3: In Person Graduate or Undergraduate Coursework
You may take a cluster of four in-person undergraduate or graduate courses (or their equivalent), or a combination thereof, as prerequisite coursework to the online Special Education Credential (Mild / Moderate):
SEED 519/LEDU 301: Foundations of Education (2)
SEED 526/LEDU 330: Psychological Foundations of Education (3)
SEED 541/LEDU 341: Methods of Teaching Linguistically Diverse Students (3)
SEED 520/LEDU 420: Elementary Reading / Language Arts (3) or SEED 525/LEDU 425: Secondary Content Area Reading (3)
Option #4: Director Interview
You may interview with the Director of Special Education to determine personalized requirements for prerequisites, based upon transcripts and work experience.

Special Education Coursework

SEED 561: Issues in Special Education (3)
SEED 562: Assessment and Evaluation of Exceptional Learners (3)
SEED 563: Teaching Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities in Inclusive Settings (3)
SEED 564: Behavior and Classroom Management for Students with Special Needs (3)
SEED 583: Curriculum Design for Students with Mild/Moderate Disabilities (3)
SEED 532: Diagnosis and Remediation in Reading (3)
SEED 582: Consultation, Collaboration, and Communication for the Education Specialist (3)
SEED 580: Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders (3)
SEED 584/SEED 585: Student Teaching in Special Education (6, 6)

Student Teaching

Student Teaching is the final course in our Special Education Credential (Mild / Moderate). Students will have placements in WASC-accredited schools in lower, middle and upper grades.  Biola University supervisors will mentor student teachers through regular Skype or Webex meetings and through weekly seminars. 

Additional Requirements and Exams

Required Prior to Student Teaching

Additional Requirements

  • RICA
  • CPR Certification (infant, child and adult). Must meet American Heart Association or American Red Cross guidelines.  No online courses accepted.
  • Documentation of tuberculosis (TB) test clearance administered within 3 months prior to start of program (find a local health clinic offering TB services here)

Please see the admission requirements page for admission information.

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