At a Glance

  • Units: 38
  • Cost Per Unit: $538
  • Typical Program Duration: 2-3 years while teaching full-time

Master of Arts in Education


The Personalized M.A.Ed. is a flexible program tailor-made to your interests and professional background and can be taken fully online (depending on your personalized course choices), fully on-campus, or a combination of both.  Designed for experienced classroom teachers and administrators, students can combine courses from various concentrations and take electives from the School of Education catalog.   

The Master of Arts in Education with a Personalized Concentration is a 38-unit program that can be completed in 2–3 years while teaching full time.  View program sheet (PDF).

The program has three distinct elements:

  • Core coursework (22 units)
  • A concentration of personalized  coursework (15 units)
  • A capstone experience (1 unit)

Core Coursework
SEED 501: Philosophy & Values in Schools & Society (3)
SEED 502: Advanced Educational Psychology (3)
SEED 503: Educational Research and Statistics (3)
SEED 504: Advanced Curriculum & Instruction (3)
SEED 524: Research in Culture & Intercultural Instruction (3)
SEED 554: Professional Writing (3)
TTBE 732: Life of Christ (or other approved TTBE course) (3)
SEED 596: Professional Development Module (1)

Personalized Coursework
Fifteen units of pre-approved graduate-level coursework from across the University, in no more than two themes.  The following is a list of courses which are available for these two themes and can be taken online:

SEED 561: Issues in Special Education (3)
SEED 562: Assessment & Evaluation of Exceptional Learners (3)
SEED 563: Teaching Students with Mild Disabilities in Inclusive Settings (3)
SEED 564: Behavior & Classroom Management for Students with Special Needs (3)
SEED 560: Family, Community & Academic Partnerships (3)
SEED 549: Studies in Children’s Literature (1)
SEED 523: Behavior and Classroom Management (3)
SEED 594: Action Research (3)
SEED 597: Independent Studies (1-3)
SEED 555: Seminars in Education (1-3)
ISTE 509: Structure of English (3)
ISTE 525: Introduction to TESOL - Adult (3)
ISTE 527: Materials Evaluation & Preparation (3, pre-req. ISTE 525)
ISTE 560: Communicating Values Through TESOL (1, pre-req. ISTE 525)
ISTE 614: Second Language Acquisition (3, pre-req. ISTE 525)
ISTE 541: Intercultural Communication for Teachers
ISTE 692: Practicum in TESOL II (3)
SEED 571: Grant Writing, Book Proposal, and Textbook (3)
SEED 572: Learning, Motivation, and Student Engagement (3)
SEED 573: Curriculum Practicum (3) (may require in-person practicum in publishing company)
SEED 574: Current Issues in Education and Education Policy (3)
SEED 576: Preparing Textbooks for Publication (3) (will require in person fieldwork)
SEED 577: School Leadership and Professional Learning Communities (3)

Note: Other classes are available; however, some courses may be offered only on Biola University’s campus.

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SEED 598: Research Project (1)
SEED 599: Thesis (1)

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