At a Glance

  • Units: 49
  • Cost Per Unit: $621
  • Typical Program Duration: 2 years as a full-time student

Master of Arts in Teaching

Multiple Subject

This program will prepare you for teaching at the elementary school level, where you will develop a foundation in lesson planning, classroom technology, psychology and reading, and receive repeated opportunities to observe the methods used by other teachers. This teacher preparation coursework is followed by a semester of student teaching, after which you'll receive your California Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. From there, you'll finish off the program with six core M.A.T. courses — all of which can be completed online — that focus on everything from intercultural education to philosophy to the life of Christ, the Master Teacher. With the online offerings, students can start their program at Biola, receive their teaching credential, and then finish the M.A.T. core courses online.

The Master of Arts in Teaching with a California SB2042 Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential is a 50-unit program that can be completed in 2 years as a full-time student.  View program sheet (PDF) (Transitioning Biola students can find their program sheet here).

The program has three main elements:

  • Teacher preparation and pedagogy coursework (34 units)
  • Core coursework (14 units)
  • A capstone experience (1 unit)

Teacher Preparation Coursework
SEED 519: Foundations of Education (2)
SEED 526: Psychological Foundations of Education (3)
SEED 541: Methods of Teaching Linguistically Diverse Students (3)
SEED 520: Elementary Reading / Language Arts (3)
SEED 538: Elementary Curriculum, Differentiation and Assessment (3)
SEED 512/513: Elementary Student Teaching I/II (6, 6)

Pedagogy Coursework
SEED 507: Art Workshop for Elementary School Teaching (1)
SEED 508: Music Workshop for Elementary School Teaching (1)
SEED 509: Elementary Math / Science Workshop (2)
SEED 516: Elementary PE Workshop (1)
SEED 536: Elementary Health Curriculum and Methods (1)
SEED 537: Elementary History - Social Science Curriculum and Methods (1)
SEED 549: Studies in Children's Literature (1)

Please visit the Student Teaching handbook for more information.
Click here to see requirements for the Multiple Subject Teacher Preparation Program.

Core Coursework
SEED 501: Philosophy and Values in School and Society (3)
SEED 524: Research in Culture & Intercultural Instruction (3)
SEED 553: Writing Literature Reviews (2)
SEED 570: Introduction to Spiritual Formation for the Educator (3)
TTBE 732: Life of Christ (or approved Bible elective) (3)

SEED 594: Action Research (1)

Please see the MA Personalized admission requirements for admission information.

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