At a Glance

  • Units: 30
  • Cost Per Unit: $538
  • Typical Program Duration: 18 months

Master of Arts in Teaching


The Personalized M.A.T. is a flexible program tailor-made to your interests and professional background and can be taken fully online (depending on your personalized course choices), fully on-campus, or a combination of both.  The Master of Arts in Teaching with a Personalized Concentration is a 30-unit program that can be completed in 18 months.  View program sheet (PDF).

The program has three main elements:

  • Core coursework (14 units)
  • A concentration of personalized coursework (15 units)
  • A capstone experience (1 unit)

Core Coursework
SEED 501: Philosophy & Values in School & Society (3)
SEED 524: Research in Culture & Intercultural Instruction (3)
SEED 553: Writing Literature Reviews (2)
SEED 570: Introduction to Spiritual Formation for the Educator (3)
TTBE 732: Life of Christ or Approved Elective or Other approved TTBE course (3)

Personalized Coursework
Fifteen units of pre-approved graduate-level coursework from across the University, in no more than two themes.  The following is a list of courses which are available for these two themes and can be taken online:

SEED 561: Issues in Special Education (3)
SEED 562: Assessment & Evaluation of Exceptional Learners (3)
SEED 563: Teaching Students with Mild Disabilities in Inclusive Settings (3)
SEED 564: Behavior & Classroom Management for Students with Special Needs (3)
SEED 560: Family, Community & Academic Partnerships (3)
SEED 549: Studies in Children’s Literature (1)
SEED 523: Behavior and Classroom Management (3)
SEED 597: Independent Studies (1-3)
SEED 555: Seminars in Education (1-3)
ISTE 509: Structure of English (3)
ISTE 525: Introduction to TESOL - Adult (3)
ISTE 527: Materials Evaluation & Preparation (3, pre-req. ISTE 525)
ISTE 560: Communicating Values Through TESOL (1, pre-req. ISTE 525)
ISTE 614: Second Language Acquisition (3, pre-req. ISTE 525)
ISTE 541: Intercultural Communication for Teachers
ISTE 692: Practicum in TESOL II (3)
SEED 571: Grant Writing, Book Proposal, and Textbook (3)
SEED 572: Learning, Motivation, and Student Engagement (3)
SEED 573: Curriculum Practicum (3) (may require in-person practicum in publishing company)
SEED 574: Current Issues in Education and Education Policy (3)
SEED 576: Preparing Textbooks for Publication (3) (will require in person fieldwork)
SEED 577: School Leadership and Professional Learning Communities (3)

Note: Other courses are available; however, some courses may be offered only on Biola University’s campus.

SEED 594: Action Research (1)

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