At a Glance

  • Units: 41
  • Cost Per Unit: $621
  • Typical Program Duration: 4 semesters

Master of Science

Curriculum, Instruction, & Publication

Our Master of Science in Curriculum, Instruction, & Publication degree is designed for highly motivated teachers to increase mastery of curriculum methodology, pedagogy, and theoretical applications. As a student in this program, you will participate on faculty-lead research teams and contribute to publications for peer-reviewed journals. You will also learn how to write query letters, book proposals, and research grants, along with working alongside in-house textbook editors and graphic artists as you complete your curriculum practicum.

This fully online 41-unit program can be completed in four semesters.  In our program, you will apply the skills you are learning to your current teaching environment and gain a deeper knowledge of subject matter, enhance understanding of the learner and the process of education, and become a resource person for curriculum development.  This is done through applying current theory and research to the design of curriculum and instructional models. You will also learn to use assessment, classroom management and other techniques to strengthen instruction and reduce achievement gaps. View program sheet (PDF).

The program has three distinct elements:

  • Core coursework (22 units)
  • Curriculum, Instruction, & Publication coursework (18 units)
  • A capstone experience (1 unit)

Core Coursework
SEED 501: Philosophy and Values in Schools and Society (3)
SEED 502: Advanced Educational Psychology (3)
SEED 503: Educational Research and Statistics (3)
SEED 504: Advanced Curriculum and Instruction (3)
SEED 524: Research in Culture and Intercultural Instruction (3)
SEED 553: Writing Literature Reviews (2)
SEED 596: Professional Development Module (1)
TTBE 732: Exposition of New Testament Segments or Themes (3)
SEED 548: Collaborative Research (1)

Curriculum & Instruction Coursework
SEED 571: Grant Writing, Book Proposal, and Textbook (3)
SEED 572: Learning, Motivation, and Student Engagement (3)
SEED 573: Curriculum Practicum (3)
SEED 574: Current Issues in Education and Education Policy (3)
SEED 576: Preparing Textbooks for Publication (3)
SEED 577: School Leadership and Professional Learning Communities (3)

Capstone Experience
SEED 598: Curriculum Research Project (1)

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Biola University
13800 Biola Ave. La Mirada, CA 90639