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Taskstream is a subscription based program used to facilitate the field experience evaluation process for all students in the teacher preparation program. The primary function of Taskstream is to collect evaluations from both students and the field Cooperating/Master Teachers in order to determine a student's strengths and weaknesses as s/he progresses through the credential program. In an effort to receive timely feedback, students are required to monitor their own Taskstream account and ensure that all forms and evaluations required for their enrolled courses have been turned in from all parties involved. It is in this process that students practice personal responsibility and the time-management skills necessary for success as educators.

Students are encouraged to read the entirety of this website in order to gain a more thorough understanding of the Taskstream process for Cooperating Teachers. Sharing this information with the Cooperating/Master Teacher is also highly recommended.


Students in the Teacher Preparation programs can use the following information and tutorial guides to aide in their fieldwork placements:

  • All students in the teacher preparation multiple/single subject credential programs need to have a valid and active subscription to Taskstream throughout the duration of their entire semester.

  • To obtain a subscription to Taskstream please reference the for more information.

  • Students are responsible for ensuring that ALL forms are turned in by the last day of the semester.

    • This includes the Field Experience Evaluation from the Cooperating Teacher.

  • Students can use this website and handouts from class to ensure the Cooperating Teacher has all the information s/he needs in order to successfully fill out the evaluation on Taskstream.

Enrolling into a Program in Taskstream

How to Submit Work on Taskstream

Self-Enrollment Codes

Student self-enrollment codes are distributed by each professor of each course. Please check with your professor regarding the Taskstream enrollment code for your course.


If you need assistance with Taskstream at any time, contact Taskstream directly:
Taskstream hotline: 1-800-311-5656
Taskstream helpdesk:
You may also browse the help sections on Taskstream's website: Taskstream Help Page

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