Fieldwork for Special Education Credential Candidates

Getting Started...

Many of the courses you will take while completing the teacher preparation process include fieldwork hours. Fieldwork hours involve observing a cooperating teacher, assisting her/him in the classroom, and occasionally teaching a lesson that you have helped to develop. Here are the steps you will need to take in order to complete your fieldwork requirements:

1.  Complete a Fieldwork Application

During the first two weeks of EACH semester, it is necessary for you to complete a Fieldwork Application which will enable our fieldwork coordinator to know your fieldwork needs and assign your placement(s). 4–5 weeks into each semester, our Fieldwork Placement Coordinator, will notify you about your fieldwork placement.

2.  Call or email your placement site and schedule your fieldwork hours

Once you are notified about your fieldwork placement, be sure to contact the principal and cooperating teacher right away to set up your fieldwork schedule. Our Fieldwork Placement Coordinator will provide you with the contact information.


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