Overseas Student Teaching

The Biola School of Education is looking for interested and qualified students to complete a portion of their Student Teaching experience overseas. Student Teaching in a foreign land offers wonderful opportunities to grow spiritually, intellectually, and professionally.

Overseas Student Teachers will embark on a full in-country journey, immersing in the traditions and customs of the culture. This two-month opportunity grants the Student Teacher a life-changing experience unlike any other.

Steps to Teaching Overseas

  1. Read the Overseas Student Teaching Handbook and familiarize yourself with the process established by the School of Education that will ensure a successful overseas experience.
  2. Review the Overseas Student Teaching Application Process.
  3. Complete the Interest Inquiry Survey. This is your first step in letting the School of Education know of your interest.  From here, please contact Flora Herrera at (562) 903-4843 to schedule an Interest Inquiry Interview with the Directors of Education. 
  4. Once you have had your Interest Inquiry Interview, you will be notified as to whether or not you will continue in the Overseas Student Teaching process.

Need more information? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page .


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