Student Stories

Alumna Sarah Brooks (BA 2011, Multiple Subject Credential 2011) student taught in New Zealand.  Here are her thoughts on her experience:
It is hard to express how much of an impact my overseas student teaching experience had on my life.  I had the amazing privilege of student teaching in New Zealand at Hamilton Christian School.  I was placed in a class of third and fourth graders with a fun and godly South African Master teacher!  I loved the diversity that was found in that classroom.  My experience not only entailed teaching and grading, but also planning an elementary chapel, attending an overnight field trip to a Marae (a religious site of the native New Zealand people), facilitating athletic events at the elementary field day, and teaching all about America!  It was a whirlwind of fun and stretching moments, cool "Kiwi" accents, and the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. Another highlight was getting to stay with a wonderful host family, who made me feel right at home and filled me in on all of New Zealand's finest!
I can name many benefits that come out of teaching overseas, from both an educational view and a spiritual one. When you teach in another country you are exposed to different educational pedigogies, strategies and learning goals. It was fascinating comparing the values found in a New Zealand school system to that of America.  I also believe an experience like this one prepares a Believer to be open to stepping outside their comfort zone and sharing the love of Jesus with the world.   What a privilege it is to use the gift of teaching and serving children to advance His kingdom. The impact can be far reaching!  Please consider the unique and valuable experience of teaching overseas!
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