Cooperating and Master Teachers For Credential Candidates

Cooperating Teachers

Cooperating Teachers mentor students during the fieldwork portion of their program. Students typically have between 10 and 60 observation/teaching hours assigned to them during a given semester. Cooperating Teachers are responsible for filling out the evaluations on Taskstream for each Biola student assigned to them in a semester. Students will also have the opportunity to give feedback about their experience with the Cooperating Teacher on the Evaluation of the Cooperating Teacher  form. This form is only to be used as a reference. Paper evaluations will not be accepted and all parties involved will be asked to re-submit items on Taskstream.

Master Teachers

Master Teachers mentor students during the full-time placement of the student teaching semester. Master Teachers will only mentor 1 student at a time and will work alongside the student's Supervisor to assess the student teacher's growth throughout the placement. Master Teachers are responsible for filling out Midterm and Final evaluations on each student in addition to the Master Teacher Evaluation of the Supervisor form. All of these forms can be accessed on Taskstream. Since Master Teachers only work with Student Teachers, please reference Section 3: Responsibilities of the Master Teacher of the Student Teaching Handbook for more detailed information.

Sample Evaluation Forms for Master Teachers

The evaluation process for teacher preparation credential students is an online only experience. Evaluations submitted on paper will not be accepted. Below is a list of example evaluations that can be downloaded and used as a reference only. Evaluations submitted on paper will not be accepted. All parties involved will be asked to redo evaluations on Taskstream if paper evaluations are submitted.


For both Cooperating and Master Teachers, the Taskstream account is FREE! If the Cooperating/Master Teacher is new to Biola, then s/he will have a new account created towards the beginning of the semester. Below are a few tips for navigating Taskstream:

  • The Taskstream username is the same as the user's district email address
  • If you have an account but have forgotten your password, use the Troubleshooting Taskstream Login Issues for Cooperating & Master Teachers guide below
  • Cooperating Teachers and Master Teachers do not have to pay for an account
  • The Taskstream Coordinator at Biola University will automatically enroll you into your student's program on Taskstream
  • Watch the video below for how to evaluate work on Taskstream.

How to Evaluate Author Work on Taskstream 

Troubleshooting Taskstream Login Issues for Cooperating & Master Teachers

There are several ways to login/create a password with Taskstream, please use the guide below to see what will work for your situation.

  • Taskstream Username: school district email address

Activation Email

Once the Biola Taskstream Coordinator has created an account for you, you will receive an email directly from Taskstream. This may be in your inbox, in your spam folder or in the junk email box. You will need to check all 3 locations to hopefully locate the email. You can also conduct a search of your email, looking for "Taskstream" which should bring up an email.

The activation email from Taskstream is only valid for a short period of time, so if your account was created several weeks or months ago, then you'll have to "reset" your password in order to access your account since the activation email will have expired.

If you desire to receive an activation email in order to login to your Taskstream account, you can make this request from Taskstream directly: 1-800-311-5656 or .

Resetting Your Taskstream Password

If you would like to reset your own Taskstream password, you can do so by following these directions:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click "Login" at the top of the page
  3. Click the "Forgot Login" button located underneath the "Signin" button
  4. Enter your Last Name in the first box
  5. Enter your district email address in the Email box OR the Username box. Since your district email address IS your username both will work.
  6. Click the orange "Email Username & Password Reset" button
  7. Check your email, remembering to check all 3 folders (inbox, junk, spam)

**Note: you can still "reset" your password even though you have never created a password. The process is the same and will prompt a new email to be sent to you so that you can create a password and access your account.


If you still have not received an email to create a password after following all of the steps above there could be two issues:

  1. The district email address you're using is not the one we have on file for you. Please check with your Biola Student to ensure that the email address we have on file is the one you're using to access Taskstream. It is likely that we have used a district address that may no longer apply or that you have not accessed yet.
  2. Your name and/or district email address might be misspelled. Please check with Taskstream directly to make this correction if needed.
  3. As a last resort: your district may be "whitelisting," or blocking, Taskstream emails from coming through to your inbox. In this case, you would need to contact your district directly as they would need your approval to send these emails through. You would need to contact your district IT department.
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