Student Teacher Supervisors For Child Development Permit Candidates

Supervisor Responsibilities

Please reference Section 5 of the ECP Student Teaching Handbook for detailed information regarding the responsibilities of the ECP Supervisor during the Student Teaching Semester.

Taskstream Guide

The Student Teaching Taskstream Program Guide can be used to determine the following:

  • When Supervisors should visit and observe their Student Teacher
  • What the Supervisor is responsible for on Taskstream
  • What the student is responsible for on Taskstream
  • What the Master Teacher is responsible for on Taskstream

The video tutorial below will aide you in how to submit evaluations on Taskstream as an Evaluator:

How to Evaluate Work on Taskstream

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get onto Taskstream?

All Supervisors will be given a Taskstream account using their preferred email address unless otherwise arranged. In order to access your account, please reference the email you received with your account information, you can click the link within the email to set up your account. Once you have your account set up, the Student Teaching Placement Coordinator will ensure you are enrolled in the Supervisor Evaluations program.

What's my role as a Supervisor on Taskstream?

Your role on Taskstream will be EVALUATOR. This role is given authorization to evaluate students who submit requests to be evaluated.

How do I know what program to choose?

You will automatically be enrolled in the Supervisor Evaluations program.

How does the evaluation process work?

The evaluation process is initiated by the author (student). The student is required to go into their Taskstream account and fill out a request to be evaluated from. In that process, they will choose an Evaluator. That means they will select your name as the Evaluator and once they submit their requirement, an email will be sent to you letting you know that you have an evaluation waiting. Log-on to your Taskstream account and follow the prompts about fulfilling evaluations on your student. You can also reference the Quick Start Guide for Supervisors for more information and a written tutorial.

What are "Administrative Only" evaluations?

Supervisors are also required to submit evaluations on the Master Teachers working with their ECP Student Teachers. These evaluations are only visible to the Supervisors, not to Authors (students) or Master Teachers. You will not receive a notification that this form needs to be filled out. Please evaluate the Master Teacher by going to the evaluation page and selecting the orange evaluate button underneath "Supervisor Eval of MT #_ ". You will do this once per Master Teacher working with each ECP Student Teacher. If you have any questions about this particular aspect of the evaluation procedure, please contact Laura DeCourcy in the School of Education.

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