Student Teaching Handbook

Please reference the Student Teaching Handbook for policies and procedures during your time in Student Teaching.

*NOTE: All forms should be downloaded, opened, filled in and read using Adobe Reader. Due to the nature of the programming, using other programs may make the forms incompatible and data may be lost. To download a free and recent edition of Adobe Reader for either a PC or a Mac, please use this link: get Adobe Reader.

Student Teacher Information Forms

Appendix A- Student Teaching Handbook Contract
Appendix F- Student Information Sheet
Appendix G- Additional Responsibilities During Student Teaching
Appendix H-Essential Questions and Information for Student Teachers
Appendix AA- Readiness to Teach Survey
Appendix AD- Teacher Candidate Classroom Activities
Emergency Contact Form

Evaluation Forms

Appendix K- Student Teacher Evaluation of Master Teacher
Appendix L- Student Teacher Evaluation of Supervisor
Appendix P- Student Teaching Midterm Evaluation
Appendix Q- Student Teaching Final Evalution
Appendix V- Master Teacher Evaluation of the Supervisor
Appendix AB- Supervisor Evalution of the Master Teacher

Evaluation Checklists and Guidelines

Appendix D- MS Suggested Guidelines
Appendix E- SS Suggested Guidelines
Appendix S- Student Teaching Multiple Subject Phase I Checklist
Appendix T- Student Teaching Multiple Subject Phase II Checklist
Appendix U- Student Teaching Single Subject Checklist

Supervisor Forms

Appendix W- Supervisor Event Calendar
Appendix X- Supervisor Checklist
Appendix Y- Observation Form

Classroom Tools

Appendix J- Long Range Planning Sheet
Appendix N- Rubric for Student Teaching Notebook
Appendix O- Lesson Plan Template
Appendix M- Observation and Participation Log
Appendix AE- Rubric Scoring
Appendix AF- Student Teaching Notebook

Miscellaneous Forms

Appendix B- Compliance With Non-Discrimination Laws And Regulations
Appendix I-Manadatory Reporting
Appendix R- Substitute Teaching

TPA Forms

Appendix Z- Student Teacher Release Form for CalTPA Task
Appendix AC- TPA Guidelines

Withdrawal Forms

Appendix C- Student Teaching Postponement and Withdrawal Forms

Overseas Student Teaching Only

Appendix AG- Overseas Student Teaching Cost Verification Form


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