About our History

Since 2012, the School of Education at Biola University has sponsored the Justice, Spirituality, and Education Conference (JSE).  The JSE Conference aims to provide a professional forum for people from all academic areas and backgrounds.

Purpose of JSE

Evangelical  Christians, such as those who founded and have sustained Biola University, have traditionally been quite adept at thinking through and carrying out the priority  of evangelism and related aspects of Christian mission. The role of justice -- certainly a biblical value -- within or alongside this priority has not been as clear. Professors at Biola’s School of Education, given their focus on training teachers to serve all students, including those who have been traditionally marginalized, are aware that justice concerns are central to those of education. JSE -- the conference and its associated journal -- was established to promote clear thinking about how justice and education intersect specifically for individuals who value spirituality as an equally essential aspect of life.  While Biola works in a context of Christian spirituality, we are interested in dialogue with those of other spiritual traditions as well as those who claim no spiritual background but have given much thought to issues of education and/or justice.

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Following the initial conference in 2012, we organized annual conferences from 2013-2015, at which point we transitioned to having a conference every other year.

Past Conferences

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