2013 Conference Speakers

  • Dr. David W. Anderson
    Justice, the Gospel, and the Disabled

  • Chase Andre
    Agapic Empathy: Engaging Perspectives Amidst a Culture War (MP3Prezi)

  • William Banks
    Should Intellectual Safe-Havens be a Civil Right? (MP3)

  • Stephan Bauman
    Do We Dare Disturb the Universe? Doing Justice Well Today (Video)

  • Mark Branner
    Doing Justice, Loving Mercy, Making Beauty: An Introduction the Work of CiRCO Redempto

  • Johanna Cheng
    Positive Peer Reporting: Training Mind, Tongue, and Heart

  • DJ Crawford
    I Was a Stranger: A Theology of Immigration (PDF)

  • Christina Crenshaw
    Teaching for Transformation: Engaging a Christian Worldview When Preparing Teacher Candidates to Address K-12 Social Issues (MP3)

  • Drs. Erin and Christopher Devers
    Grounded Integration: A Biblical Approach to Blending a Body and Mind Pedagogy (PDF)

  • Dr. Andy Draycott
    A Christological Missional Ethic of Immigration: Reflections on Hebrews

  • Sean Garrick
    Good Religion: A Call to Act on Behalf of the Fatherless (MP3)

  • Rodney Hume-Dawson
    Revisiting our Notions of Spirituality and Disability: A Transformational Perspective (MP3)

  • Ogechukwu Ibem
    Misapplication of Spiritual Warfare and Child Witchcraft in the Nigerian Context (MP3)

  • Agam Iheanyi-Igwe
    Diversity in Christian Higher Institutions: Calling or Cross? (MP3)

  • Alex Juchniewicz
    Where is Our Trust? A Fresh Approach to the Old Issue of Alcohol Addiction (MP3)

  • Dr. Ndindi Kitonga
    The lives of LGBTQ youth in Christian educational settings (MP3)

  • Katie Klingbeil
    What Can Regular-Level Classes Learn from Advanced Placement Classes? (MP3, PDF)

  • Nikole Lim
    Beauty in Brokenness (MP3)

  • Troy McAdams
    The Great Commission Unfolding in Asia (PDF)

  • Alicia M. Miller
    Pinning Down a Cloud: Unpacking White Culture

  • Orvic Pada
    Urban Renewal, Gentrification, Social Inequalities and the Christian Response (MP3, PDF)

  • Glen Peterson
    Biblical Foundation and Christian Action Toward Immigrants and Immigration

  • Kartika Primasanti
    Giving Money or Making Change? Street Children and Injustice in the Indonesian Context (AVI)

  • Dr. Fred Ramirez
    Listening and Obeying: Overcoming Your Fear for His Good

  • April Reutter
    Hosting God’s Presence at a Public School

  • John Rinehart
    Feeding the Hungry with Physical and Spiritual Food (MP3)

  • Dr. Calvin G. Roso
    Helping the Needy Through Education: Examining the Links Between Poverty Research and Orphan Education

  • Steven Rozzi
    On Earth as It is in Heaven: Christian Community Development in Costa Mesa, California (MP3)

  • Dr. Jared & Jan Stallones
    Systemic Education Reform and the Promise of Social Justice (MP3, PDF)

  • Dr. Tim Stranske
    Managers, Victims and Redemption: Rebuilding Flourishing Lives from the Ashes of Injustice (MP3)

  • Wendy Tarr
    Faith-Rooted Organizing and Advocacy (MP3)

  • Steve Winterberg
    Economic Social Obligation in Hinduism (MP3)

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